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"What a show! The kids loved it! (Teachers too.) Your program was terrific!"
- Lennace Ceberek, PTA President, Pulaski School, Riverhead NY

"Your talents are amazing!"
- Cathi Durler, Babylon K-6 PTA, NY

"The children are all talking about your puppets, and what a wonderful gift you have. Not only are you a talented ventriloquist, your enthusiasm and way of reaching out to all the children was clearly evident."
- Carol Gallagher, Principal, School of the Holy Child, Westbury NY

"Your fast-moving, exciting presentation kept the children focused
throughout, and we particularly liked your strategy of actively involving
the boys and girls."
- Audrey Stupke, Principal, Phillips Ave. School, Riverhead NY

"Your performance was outstanding. The children were totally enthralled with your puppets and dialogue. You have the ability to totally involve the children, even with a large audience."
- Irene Smithwick, Principal, Pulaski Rd. School, E. Northport NY

"The show was a big hit with our students and faculty, and will be
remembered fondly by our children."
- Janine Lavery, Assistant Principal, Arrowhead Elem. School, E.
Setauket NY

"The performance brought many valuable lessons to life in a fun and
enjoyable way
- Karen Ricigliano, Principal, Dogwood Elem. School, Smithtown NY

"Not only did your exceptional talent entertain us in the most captivating way, but it gave witness to our children of the unlimited possibilities that dedication and hard work can produce."
- Gretta Lamman, Parents Association, N. Fork Catholic School, Cutchogue NY

"I have never heard such enthusiastic and spontaneous laughter from
children! It was a lovely experience for all of us."
- Marcie Aiuvalasit, Ed. Director, Cong. Emanuel, Rye NY

"The positive feedback keeps coming in. The children never laughed so hard."
- Sue Pasfield, Nesconset Elem. School PTA NY

"You are extremely entertaining and talented and have a great sense of humor. Watching the children's faces light up and hearing their giggles was just great."
- Harvey Miller, Ed. Director, Shomrei Torah, Wayne NJ

"The audiences were enthusiastic and enjoyed you and your friends' very much! The school evaluations were outstanding!"
- Judy Cohn, Cultural Programs Director, JCC, Dallas TX

"The most entertaining show we had in camp all summer!"
- Scott Bregman, Assistant Director, Willow Grove Day Camp, PA

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