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A new genre is born..." DUMMY NOIR! " The groundbreaking, twisting, suspenseful, hilarious mystery novel - While the Village Sleeps - answers the burning question, "Can a dummy find justice in a human world?" 

Having written a few feature film screenplays featuring the ventriloquist/dummy detective duo of Trillo & Suede, Jonathan tried for a number of years to find funding to produce them as independent films. Several times the funding seemed to be nearly in his grasp, only to see it disappear each time into the Indie Film Makers' Twilight Zone. While the Village Sleeps is a novelized version of one of those screenplays...the first of a series of planned Trillo & Suede mystery novels. Jonathan believes it works splendidly as a novel and hopes that you will agree...

While the Village Sleeps

Read some sample pages, download the novel and enjoy. Then please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon. 

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