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would have otherwise been a horribly embarrassing scene) that he'd been
which is usually something embarrassing (like a bookstore calling to
last moments of a group of
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171 KB (24,388 words) - 13:31, 22 October 2014 List of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei episodes world, which could eventually include Nozomu's own embarrassing mind
66 KB (11,035 words) - 18:13, 15 August 2014 Russian jokes The most embarrassing case probably is the word "socialism " (社会主义
a stay-at-home protest to
What are your awkward moments that happened during a physical
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Jizzed during physical exam. Most embarrassing moment of my life
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Quinn, Medicine Woman episodes Meanwhile in the school exam, 1st prize of which is a trip to
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on a date, but is embarrassed when she realises that she has misred the signals
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In February 2005, as part of a physical examination, a CT scan
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to continue with the exam
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Funny Business: Embarrassing Moments At The Gynecologist
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79 KB (11,462 words) - 02:21, 23 October 2014 Discworld characters Gaspode , and is a physical schizophrenic; his smell has become
decided to highlight great sports moments each Wednesday night as a
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Hey guys, What's the most embarrassing moment you've had at a
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A large number of jokes are about an exam; these are usually a dialogue
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seizures and a normal neurological exam) computed tomography or MRI is
77 KB (11,491 words) - 16:02, 21 October 2014 Syncope (medicine) embarrassing or uneasy situations, during blood drawing, or moments
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Embarrassing moments during doctor visits/medical examinations?
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(embarrassing) really embarrassing accident : most embarrassing
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fails the entrance exam by one point
82 KB (10,943 words) - 19:51, 2 July 2014 List of The Bill characters (A–D) This embarrasses most of the force but he refuses to accept it as a
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at the Doctor's office?
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becomes physical exhausted After
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in one of the rarer moments in which he
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example videos which happen to be Hayate's embarrassing moments with voice overs